Heading IconStudying at CIE

CIE offers students a holistic, flexible, learner-based education in a nurturing atmosphere on campus which provides them with every advantage of university life. A wide range of facilities and our year-round activities enable students to experience a genuine and fascinating campus life. Full time lecturers in the College serve as mentors for students throughout the programme while students are fully supported by our academic and supporting teams.

Programmes and teaching at CIE

Under Hong Kong Baptist University(HKBU), College of International Education (CIE) mainly provides Associate Degree and Self-funded Undergraduate Programmes. CIE is the first college to provide Self-funded Undergraduate Programmes. For the past 11 years, it has been providing students with an alternative pathway to getting a Bachelor’s Degree from HKBU.

All teaching staff in CIE are employed by HKBU. They are all master’s or doctoral degree holders. Lecturers and professors teaching in the University Faculties are also involved in CIE’s teaching so the teaching quality at CIE is guaranteed.

How are courses taught?

CIE is serious about teaching and learning. Students have around 16 hours in-class time a week and take about 5 courses in one semester including Chinese, English, Public Speaking, Social Sciences, Information Technology, Economics, Cultural Studies and Environmental Conservation etc. plus other courses selected from 19 concentrations over the duration of the programme. These general knowledge courses together with specialized courses aim to help students prepare for degree programmes later.

Students can make use of the 25 to 30 hours left to revise, have group discussions and consult teachers to consolidate what they have learnt and prepare for the exams.

There are around 20 to 30 students in a class which allows interactive learning. Students have frequent contact with teachers, ask questions and participate actively in class. We value learning and care about how students learn.


CIE is one of the many schools in HKBU responsible for offering Associate Degree and Undergraduate Degree Programmes. Being part of HKBU, CIE cooperates closely with other Schools and Faculties in the University. Some of these Schools and Faculties are involved in designing and teaching Self-funded Undergraduate programmes, including the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences, School of Business and School of Communication. The teaching and academic support provided by the Schools and Faculties enhances the academic quality of the courses provided by CIE. Self-funded undergraduate programmes provided by CIE are fully accredited by HKBU.

Where do the students have lessons?

Self-funded undergraduate degree students are students of HKBU and so are entitled to use university facilities. Both Kowloon Tong campus and Shek Mun campus provide first-class university facilities for all students. Shek Mun campus provides facilities that are very similar to university facilities. We welcome visits from schools and parents. Please feel free to make an appointment.

Can students take part in university activities?

Besides university facilities and services, Associate Degree students and Self-funded Undergraduate Degree students can participate in all student associations and unions and be members and committee members. Our students can also take part in all kinds of students’ social activities, academic activities, exchange programmes, dance and drama, etc.

Will enrollment at CIE improve the career prospects of students?

Graduates from CIE are graduates from HKBU, an institution that has over the decades built up a good reputation locally and even internationally. Past graduates from CIE are much valued by employers and the industry, a result attributable to the College’s allegiance to the BU tradition. Over the last 10 years, CIE has produced many graduates that have come to occupy important posts in Hong Kong, winning trust through their hard-work and strong sense of responsibility. Furthermore, the College is dedicated to providing professional career guidance for students. CIE’s Career Development Resource Center is created specifically for career counseling and provides job market information, self assessment, and career guidance for students. It also caters for their employment needs by finding a good match between themselves and the current demands of the employment market.

Will the student have internship opportunities?

In order to provide CIE students with internship opportunities and increase their competitiveness in the job market, the College has developed close and active ties with the industry. CIE students can consolidate their classroom learning through internships in various sectors including environmental protection, social service, tourism and hotel management, business management as well as non-profit organizations.

The College is also keen on creating practical learning activities within the college. Activities in collaboration with the industry – such as Adhere Advertising Competition, CIE channel, Business Plan Competition, college journal Invisible, and environmental protection special projects – bring students in touch with the world beyond college.

What is the BU culture?

HKBU upholds the ideal of Whole Person Education and for that purpose requires BU students to participate in Co-Curricular Learning (CCL). Coordinated by the Center for Holistic Teaching and Learning, Co-Curricular Learning courses are provided by the university departments as well as the CIE and are open to all students. Various seminars, campus activities, workshops and experiential learning activities aim at fostering the spiritual, intellectual, professional, human, social and physical development of the students.

Scholarships and financial aids

To recognize students with outstanding achievement and to assist students with financial difficulty in the continuation of their study, the College has founded numerous scholarships and set up different forms of financial aids. The amount of the scholarships ranges from HK$3,000 to HK$15,000. The selection criteria are set by the College or the sponsors. Students with outstanding performance academically or in other areas receive awards; students in urgent financial need can also apply for the financial aid provided by the College.

Qualified full-time students can also apply for the government sponsored Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP) and the Non-means Tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS). Upon graduation and after leaving the college, the student beneficiary will be required to pay back the loan within the designated period.

The Continuing Education Fund (CEF) established by the Hong Kong government provides reimbursements to students pursuing some continuing education or training. Some of CIE’s courses are already included in CEF’s Reimbursable Course List. Upon completing a listed course or unit, an eligible applicant will receive a reimbursement equal to 80% of the tuition or up to HK$10,000.