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Dr. Alvin Tang

Academic Co-ordinator and Lecturer, Tree Management, Division of Applied Science 3121

Teaching Areas

Course(s) taught:
  • ELSS2103 Internship for Environment, Conservation and Ecotourism
  • GRMG2101 Soil Science and Plants
  • TCSU2100 Sustainable Communities and the Environment
  • TRMG2100 Introduction to Tree Management
  • TRMG2101 Tree Identification
  • TSCS2101 Food Revolution and Lifestyle
  • TRMG2102 Tree Planting and Maintenance
  • TRMG2103 Tree Risk Management

Research Interests

  • Fungal taxonomy and ecology
  • Plant disease and control
  • Poisonous mushroom
  • Science Literacy
  • Tree management