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Growing the Seed of Dream on the Australian Soil
Irish Guevarra Zambrano (Year 2, Psychology)
My experience living and studying in Australia for two weeks was incredible and it was truly an unforgettable experience. I enjoyed all the activities and the course has equipped me with plenty of knowledge. We visited many different places, savoured Australian cuisine and made new friends. My favourite place was North Stradbroke Island. We went hiking around the island. The scenery along the way was amazing.
Before the trip, I felt nervous because I hardly knew anyone in the group. As I interacted with other participants during the trip, we got well-acquainted with one another. Towards the end of the trip, I even became close friends with some of the tour participants. The newly cultivated friendship made the immersion experience more memorable. Studying at University of Queensland was the best part of it all. The classes and excursions gave me inspiration and motivation to study harder and pursue my dreams. The days of being a UQ student created a proud chapter in my life.
Afte and inspirations to the younger generation.
Shaving the Sheep: Cruelty or Necessity?
Chung Cheuk Yu (Year 1, Environmental Conservation Studies)
Among all the outdoor excursions, I liked the visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary most. I wasn’t enthusiastic at first because I wasn’t fond of animals. But my mind changed completely after the visit. The sanctuary is an excellent place to educate the public on the habitat and preservation of Australian animals. People can hug koalas, feed kangaroos and watch animal shows. Lone Pine is the only place that allows visitors to hug the koalas in Brisbane. I was fascinated by emus and kangaroos running and lying all over the grass, which is a scene we can’t see in Hong Kong. I think the kangaroos like me too! They were so desperate for the food that they gripped my hands tightly with their claws while eating!
I was a bit emotional during the sheepdog show. As an Environmental Conservation studies student, I felt sad when I saw the trainer shave off the wool in the blink of an eye. It would take a year for to grow back on the sheep’s body. The shudder of the suffering animal sent shivers down my spine. I think the mankind has a complex relationship with animals. Endless sheep are shaved for the manufacture of wool products. But we’ve never considered how the sheep feel. When sheep lose all their wool, it will be prone to injuries and the extremely cold winter. It’s time to reflect on whether it makes sense to sacrifice animals for human greed, especially when more and more alternatives are available.
亲尝耕种 体会粒粒皆辛苦
读万卷书 行万里路
Revisiting Nature Brought New Self-Discovery
Chui Yee Ching, Ashlynn (Year 1, Chinese for Professional Purposes)
Nature is always enchanting and powerful but we seldom make enough efforts to understand and appreciate it. Before the trip, I was more like a consumer of Nature - taking in the scenery and not giving it another thought. I was not aware that there could be a more profound relationship between nature and me. In the tour, our instructors once used a tiny leaf to show us a lot of tricks like blowing bubbles and making necklace. These small gestures had a huge impact on me. It dawned on me that my love for nature was shallow and empty and I should put my heart into knowing more about it. Also, in my discovery of nature, I also found a new me. I have learnt to strip off all the self-doubt and disguises, accepting who I truly am for the very first time.
A Lesson on Sustainable Living and Team Spirit
Yeung Wing Man (Year 1, Creative Communication)
The most significant learning goals I have achieved in joining this tour are stepping out of my comfort zone and broadening my horizons. Hong Kong is, no doubt, a prosperous and international city; however, it is also cursed with serious pollution and a suffocating pace of life. Even though I had to wave goodbye to my familiar Hong Kong-style life – hot showers, flushed toilets and bug-free bedroom, a whole new world of sustainable and responsible living was opened to me in this tour. My stay at Green Camp and the visit to Green Village and Green School amazed me by the locals’ efforts and success in creating a truly environmentally-friendly life with nature.
Also, this tour provided me with an excellent chance to meet some of the kindest and most unique people – my teammates and the local instructors. Regardless of the language barrier, the seamless cooperation and perfect communication among us exceeded my expectations. We demonstrated effective teamwork in all of the tasks. This tour is one of the few things I will never regret doing.
入住农家民宿  体验风土人情
Enjoy the simplicity of life
Law Ching Lam, Janice (Year 2 Cultural Studies)
I had experienced a lot in this six-day tour, such as catching the running somen noodle, visiting the water system in Harie, Seian University of Art and Design… Words are not enough to express my whole feeling.
After this trip, I understand how Japanese respect their traditions, culture and also nature in different aspects. In rural areas, they still keep the traditional sustainable farming method and lifestyle. They believe in the natural water from Lake Biwa, rather than the tap water, it shows their respect and pride in their nature. In today’s tea ceremony, they still keep all those complicated steps to make a traditional delicious cup of tea. Primary school students still learn how to play Karuta, a Japanese card game from the Edo period. Simple Lifestyle show their conscientiousness towards their traditions. Japanese respects their traditions and nature; however, Hong Kong people will focus on economic development and sacrifice precious natural resources.
Finally, I have learned one simple, but important philosophy – “to be my primitive self”, which means using the most pure heart to feel everything.
Encountering the Precious
Yu Cheong Hang, Arthur (Year 2, Environmental Conservation Studies)
Before visiting Sabah, we knew very little about the wildlife there. During the field trip, I paid particular attention to the surrounding sounds and kept on searching the tree tops with my eyes. During the night river cruise, a mysterious wild cat was found along the river bank. It’s not easy to find a cat in the dark, and we stayed at the spot for about 30 minutes and I used my camera to capture as many photos as possible. We found out that it’s a flat-headed cat (Prionailurus planiceps) which is listed as an endangered species by IUCN, the World Conservation Union. Very few people in the world have observed them directly in the wild. Their population size of mature individuals is estimated to be less than 2,500 in the world!
During the trip, I was able to apply my skills to wildlife photography, taking hundreds of amazing photos. We kept on practising wildlife watching during the trip, not just from the riverside, but also on the street. At the end of the trip, I have developed confidence to identify some bird species accurately.
A lesson of Conserving Wildlife
Yu Wai Ha, Fish (Year 2, Environmental Conservation Studies)
Unlike Hong Kong which is full of skyscrapers, Sabah is the place that allows people to be closer to the natural environment. The week in Sandakan provided me with a very nice chance to enjoy our nature, explore the rain forest and meet different wild creatures.
We lived in a resort which was built along the riverside in the rainforest for a few days. It was so relaxing to be surrounded by nature and wildlife. The river cruise at dawn and dusk along Kinabatangan River was a great time to watch the daily life of many exotic animals, including hornbills, hawks, crocodiles and different species of monkeys. They may come out at anytime and anywhere, so I have to pay attention to the movements or sounds from the riverside or forest. Gradually, I have built up sensitivity for finding wildlife.
We also visited some conservation centres, including the Speilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and the Sun Bear Conservation Centre. Therefore, it’s not just an opportunity for me to see diverse stunning wildlife, but also a lesson to learn about conservation of endangered species.
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