Overseas Academic & Cultural Exchange Programme

Overseas academic exchange, exposure and cultural immersion programmes are organised throughout the year to develop students’ community-mindedness and inter-cultural sensitivity as well as to raise their awareness of own role and responsibility as global citizens.

Students left footprints in two design-driven Nordic cities – Helsinki and Copenhagen

Food and nature lovers squeezed time amid their packed schedule for a sunbath in Kings Park, Perth

Language enthusiasts immersed themselves in British food culture of chips and burgers in a London restaurant

Environmentalists experienced Balinese traditional wrestling in mud pool

Experience sharing session to consolidate and conceptualise students’ reflective learning in different outbound programmes

Local Academic & Cultural Exchange Programme

Our International Exchange Programme fosters cross culture interaction by providing opportunities for our students to interact and collaborate, as well as explore the perspectives and knowledge of their peers from another part of the world. On-campus activities are organised for the wider college audience to discover new opportunities and avenues to learning about global issues, cultural aesthetics, and essentially explore beyond the boundaries of Hong Kong.

Students participated in Balinese Cultural workshop to make local traditional religious offerings

Cantonese workshop for the exchange students and non-local students

Partaking in Scottish Highland dancing

The Art of Japanese Ikebana

Students treated to a Pipeband Performance

Global Forum on the refugee crisis in Asia and Hong Kong