Academic research studies are important to reveal and support the new technology applying in science and health care fields. To extend student’s exposure in research area, an online guest talk titled “ How to become a researcher” was held and Mr. Owen Yeung, who is now a researcher in a hospital, was invited as the speaker. Owen is one of our NUFM graduates and he completed his Bachelor Degree in Health Study and Master Degree in Public Health. He shared with students how he started his research work and developed his research interest during his study in CIE.  

           Owen encouraged students to explore research work by asking questions that are related to our daily life. For example, he demonstrated the relation of current pandemic COVID-19 infection with public health concern. Owen explained the ideas between epidemiology and biostatistics, the research of vaccination, health promotion and education of disease, and health policy are interconnected. Students replied they learnt some essentials in formulating research questions and pointed out health research studies serve an important role for health education. Students enjoyed the guest talk and Owen also shared his memorable time and activities when he was a student in CIE.