Nutrition consultation helps people to evaluate their health and physical status in relation to diet. People who want to achieve optimal health, those who are already overweight or obese, who have a higher risk of developing certain diseases such as predisposed type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease and people with various medical conditions that can be improved by proper nutrition, can seek advice from a registered dietitian. To enrich student’s knowledge in nutrition consultation, a guest talk tilted “Technique and Follow-up in Nutrition Consultation” was held and about 80 NUFM students joined the online talk. Mr. Anson Wong, a private Registered Dietitian was invited as the speaker.

Anson usually handles referrals with cancer patients. In general, cancer patients are thin with low Body Mass Index (BMI). As they may undergo chemotherapy, many of them lost their appetite and they may not have a regular intake of 3 meals per day. Anson shared the clinical procedures and techniques during a consultation. He introduced a method called “ABCDE” which stands for Anthropometry, Biochemistry, Clinical Examination, Diet History, and Environmental and Social Status. He illustrated each of the components with his case experience. He also stressed that communication skill and a caring attitude are also important to develop trust with patients. Students were attentive and they enjoyed a good interaction with Anson during the Q & A session.