Summer Study Programme in Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU), Taiwan

"Gained better understanding about the history of Taiwan."

9 – 19 July, 2017
LO Tsz Hang (History and Hong Kong Studies, Year 2)

The most impressive thing of this 11-day study tour to Chung Yuan Christian University was that I had gained better understanding about the history of Taiwan. The course taught by Dr. Cha Hsin about early history of Taiwan had changed my views about the Dutch colonists.

Another course taught by Dr. Ip Han Ho had also inspired me with the historical research method. I found the courses very useful in establishing different perspectives in viewing historical events. Dr. Ip also introduced the development of Christianity in Taiwan in the 20th Century. In addition, the visit to local chapels deepened my understanding of both the religion and society of Taiwan.

Another unforgettable experience was our visit to the 228 Memorial Museum. The exhibition introduced the background, course and the consequences of the 228 Incident in Taiwan. I felt very sympathetic to the victims who were killed in the incident which had inspired me to think about its relationship with the recent political situation in Taiwan. In short, I was very glad to have met different professors during the study tour and their lessons had truly widened my horizon.