Our Programme

CIE offers multiple Concentration Studies across major disciplines such as Applied Science, Arts and Languages, Business, Communication, and Social Sciences. The wide range of choices in our curriculum caters to different interests, talents and aspirations of our students. Small class teaching, continuous assessments, English language proficiency training, experiential learning opportunities, together with a learner-centered environment all help to provide students with an intellectually stimulating experience.

Why Choose HKBU CIE

Qualification Awarded by HKBU
Quality Assurance
Ample Articulation Opportunities and High Articulation Rate
Your Ideal Pathway to University
Collaboration with HKBU Departments

Campus Facilities

The College provides quality campus facilities and amenities for its students.


In 2022/23, around 400 AD and UG students were awarded scholarships with a total of over HK$4.4 million.