Learning Commons 學習共享空間

Locate @ 1/F Shek Mun Campus, equipped with over 100 sets of computers, iMac circle with Apple computers, printers and scanners with a leisure learning environment.

Rules and Regulations for users of Learning Commons & Computer Labs

Users are requested to observe the following rules in the Learning Commons & Computer Labs:

Legitimate Users

- Facilities in the venues are for the use of students and staff of the College of International Education.
- CIE Student / Staff Identity (ID) Cards are the valid identification for entrance to the Learning Commons. To safeguard the use of facilities to legitimate users, students / staff entering the Learning Commons must present their cards.

do's & don'ts

  Bring your Student Card to access
  Keep venue clean and tidy
  Eat & Drink
  Last-minute printing before class
  Reserve computing places with personal belongings