English Corner provides an opportunity for students to meet and speak with English Speakers from a variety of backgrounds on a wide range of topics. The conversations are meant to broaden students' inter-cultural understanding and improve their cross-cultural communication skills. English Corner gatherings began in Feb. 2019 and have attracted many participants ranging from year one to year four. The conversation topics include world citizenship, refugee empowerment, women's rights and Islamic fashion.

The latest English Corner gathering was held on September 27th 2019. The guest speakers were Harmony and Husna. Harmony is a 21-year-old university student from Congo. She talked about her passion for fashion and her experience of being rejected by Hong Kong fashion companies because of the color of her skin. In response, she established her own fashion company, Harmony HK and is determined to bring racial and cultural diversity into the fashion industry. Husna is from a Pakistani family and worked as a model for Harmony’s fashion show held on June 1st 2019. She proudly exhibited Islamic fashion in the show and told the English Corner audience the religious significance of Islamic fashion. Both models spoke about the importance of social inclusion and cultural diversity. Students raised questions and took photos with the models after their talk.

The next English Corner will be held on Oct 17th 2019, the topic is poetry and society. The guest speaker, Collier Nogues, is an American poet who resides in Hong Kong. She will speak about her art projects in collaboration with local poets and artists after the Umbrella Movement.

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