THIS AND THAT, CIE students’ very own Journal of Culture and Literature proudly enters its 6th year with a 24-strong student editorial board from Cultural Studies (CULS), Professional Communication and English Studies (PENG), and Bilingual Language and Literature Studies (BLLS), reviewing 30 entries of poetry, short fiction, and essays.

Each year through the student societies, students from CULS, PENG, and BLLS form a team to vet and edit student essays and creative work submitted to This and That. The Journal celebrates the College of International Education’s writing talent. It is headed and produced by English lecturers at CIE.

CULS alumni (photographed below), who are now in various UGC and self-funded programmes, gave our students a word of encouragement through tough times, and shared with us their rewarding university lives and their insights into getting good grades.