Will the original ever be finished? Do we create in a vacuum?

Join us @HKBU CIE Cultural Studies and we will go down yet another rabbit hole and gaze into art... and let art gaze back into us.

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In the modern era, artistic creativity is considered as having great impacts on everyday life, permeating our culture not only in highbrow academic areas like art and literature, but also in other social aspects. The notion of creativity is no longer confined to conventional aesthetic values such as originality, but largely extends to many unconventional means and notions. Works of art that are conceived with ready-made materials or through simple re-working of famous predecessors are more and more popular. By drawing on cultural theory, this course examines some well-known modern and contemporary works of art, exploring also how they have gained echoes in other cultural domains including literature, the media industry, and contemporary commerce, and so on. After this course, students will be able to understand the idea of artistic creativity as one of the most prominent and influential elements shaping our culture.