What makes your skin crawl? That chill down your spine? 有乜令你毛管戙?Join us and learn what Sigmund Freud has to say with his brand of psychoanalysis. 弗洛伊德精神分析之中嘅 unheimlich: “the uncanny.”

(Picture above: PlayStation commercial 1999 “Mental Wealth”; picture below: JF Sebastian’s apartment of dolls in Bladerunner 1982.)

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More on the course APPROACHES TO STUDYING CULTURE at Cultural Studies:

This course teaches students to observe the relationship between social reality and culture. Accessible writings from cultural thinkers and critics will be used to introduce issues, critical frameworks and analytical methods central to Cultural Studies. Literary, art, film, media and social texts from different periods and sectors of modern cultural and social life will be discussed so that students can apply the theoretical concepts and analytical skills learnt, or use them creatively and critically, in their own interpretative and critical practices.