The College of International Education (CIE) Hong Kong Baptist University recently hosted its seventh annual English Public Speaking Contest, showcasing the talent and eloquence of participants from local secondary schools. Ms. Sutradhar Tapasa from Ho Lap College emerged as the deserving Champion among the 12 finalists selected from 162 participants representing 65 schools.

The contest aimed to enhance students' public speaking skills and English communication proficiency, with finalists delivering speeches on the theme of "Vision" and engaging in impromptu speaking. Our distinguished Judges, including Dr. Benjamin Moorhouse, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education Studies at HKBU, Ms. Allison Leger, Lecturer of Complementary Studies at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, and Dr. Theresa Cunanan, Associate Programme Director of the Division of Arts and Languages, HKBUCIE.

The contestants covered diverse topics like dreams, personal growth, and societal issues, showcasing their agility of thought and genuine emotions. Our judges also offered valuable insights on effective public speaking techniques, emphasizing storytelling, authenticity, and non-verbal communication. Dr. Moorhouse stressed the long-term value of public speaking skills, while Ms. Leger and Dr. Cunanan stressed how the use of visuals enhances presentation delivery, and emphasized the importance of human touch in public speaking amidst the age of AI.

Champion Ms. Sutradhar Tapasa and first runner-up Ms. Leung Sum Ying highlighted the competition's challenges and the importance of preparation and confidence-building. They expressed gratitude to their schools and families for support and encouraged aspiring participants to embrace the speech journey and consider the audience's perspective through imagination. Their experiences and advice underscored the transformative power of public speaking and the significance of continuous learning and growth in this essential skill.

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