Life Science students open their horizon through visiting a famous biotechnology company in Science Park- Vitargent International Biotechnology Limited. Vitargent makes use of medaka and zebrafish embryos to perform toxicity tests. It tests at checkpoints along the supply chain ensuring quality control at every stage of the production process, such as cosmetic products, water, toys and cooking oils, etc. Dr. Xueping Chen, a co-founder of Vitagent,  introduced the application of latest biotechnology in biological test and the development of the company to our students. Students then were guided to visit the laboratory where the biological tests were being conducted by using zebrafish and medaka. Students gained hand-on experience in observing how simple animal models are used in industrial laboratory and learn much more about the application of biotechnology in developing a business.

Dr. Xueping Chen explained the use of biological test in Vitargent International Biotechnology Limited .