To strengthen students’ marketing and management skills in food industry, Nutrition and Food Management students (NUFM) joined an industrial visit to Lee Kum Kee Company Limited. Lee Kum Kee has transcended over a hundred years for its famous product, oyster sauce. Nowadays, it has expanded to more businesses with diversified trade operations and food products.

During the visit, students were introduced with the company establishment and business operation. Students visited the product testing laboratory, production control room and the culinary centre. They gained knowledge on the quality assurance standards such as impurities and content checks among the company products. Also, students were presented with the products that were cooperated with oversea markets such as in Japan and Malaysia. Students were excited with the tasting session on the newly invented sauces. Through the visit, students expanded their horizons in food business operation and they were motivated to develop a marketing sense in food industry.

Students visited the production control room in Lee Kum Kee, Tai Po Industrial Estate.

Students examined food sauce products in relation to different cuisines worldwide.