To widen students’ horizon in nutrition field, Dr. Terry Ting was invited as our speaker on a nutrition talk “How to become a dietitian in Hong Kong?". Dr. Terry Ting is a Registered Dietitian in North District Hospital Dietetics Department and he is also the former President of Hong Kong Nutrition Association. Dr. Ting shared with us the career paths for both nutritionist and dietitian, roles of HKDA (Hong Kong Dietitian Association) and the duties of a dietitian in patient service and in house support. Students replied they gained valuable information and they were inspired by Dr. Ting to continue their study in nutrition field. “As for me, I have a strong desire to work as a dietitian in my entire whole life! I hope I can be a dietitian in one day and I will put my substantial efforts in it!” Lydia Tang, a NUFM Year 2 student.

Dr. Ting introduced HK Dietitian Association to our students.

Dr. Ting shared the role of a dietitian in a hospital to our students.