An online Nutrition Guest Talk was held titled “Food and Mood” in November 2022. A Registered Dietitian (USA) Ms Rhoda Ng was invited as the speaker. Over 150 students from Nutrition and Food Management, Health Sciences and Society and Wellness Studies joined the talk. Rhoda introduced the key nutrients which can improve our mood including Omega 3, Vitamin B, Tryptophan and food with low Glycemic Index. She gave plenty of healthy food sources and examples on these nutrients and taught students how to select a healthy and happy meal.

Although the talk was in online mode, Rhoda played a lively game about food selection with our students. Students were highly engaged in the talk and they actively participated in the Q and A session. Rhoda provided practical strategies in keeping our good emotion. Students replied the talk provided achievable guidelines on food choice and helped to improve their emotion though healthy eating.

Food examples which are rich in Tryptophan and Low GI carbohydrates are introduced in meal planning
Students enjoyed the mini-game about food selection for a better mood