Apart from attending lectures in the classroom, GRMG students enjoy participating in field trips which provide practical experiences for students to learn in the environment, acquire knowledge, and develop thinking skills and interest in the geography subjects.

GRMG students visited the O Park 1 in Lantau to learn about the treatment of the food waste and how food waste can be converted to biogas and compost which can be used for electricity generation and soil enrichment.

Floor plan of O Park 1
Trommel Sieve Drum which is used to sieve the non-food items from food waste.

The field trip to O Park 1 not only increases students’ understanding of the food waste issue, but also helps them to reflect on why a waste treatment facility may not be welcomed by the host community and what mitigation measures can be taken to reduce the possible negative impacts.

GRMG field trips reinforce classroom learning, bringing lessons to life. Students have the opportunity to visualize, experience and discuss different issues about the food waste problem in Hong Kong. They also realize the importance of reducing the food waste at source and recycling the food into resources rather than disposing it in the landfills or burning it in the incinerators.