Two site visits to Vegetable Marketing Organization (VMO) in Cheung Sha Wan were organized for NUFM year 1 students in February 2023. A total of 50 students joined the visits. Topics on premium vegetables, accredited vegetables and the practice of local organic vegetables were introduced to students. Besides, the operation system in VMO such as the trading facilities, accounting and pesticide residue testing logistic were explained. During the visit, students were presented the advanced technology in hydroponics. Students visited the “Controlled Environment Hydroponic Research and Development Centre”. Details on nutrient and water supply through an indoor planting system were illustrated.

Students enjoyed the visits as they can learn more latest cropping technology and they have a deeper understanding on food trading operation. “I personally appreciate how V.M.O. is supporting local farmers as well as promoting locally produced and organic vegetables to citizens. As V.M.O. is a self-financing, non-profit making organization, V.M.O. has been aggressively collaborating with wet markets, supermarkets, and chain health food stores to build up more sales channels in order to make it easier for the public to acquire local organic and accredited veggies.” Tong Ching Yu, a NUFM year 1 student valued the work of VMO.

Ms Cathy Yau from AFCD explained the production process of hydroponic baby leaf to our students
Students paid attention to the basic concepts and technical facilities of C.E.H. Technology
Express our sincere appreciation to Ms Chris Chan from VMO