Geography and Resources Management (GRMG) students were engaged in experiential learning by visiting a local farmland located in Wo Hang, Sha Tau Kok. To connect them with nature, the course instructor, Dr. Homan Leung, emphasized engaging the students' four senses: sight (observing plant growth and soil texture), listening (identifying bird species through their chirping), touch (harvesting the produce in the field), and smell (investigating the unique smell of vegetables) during the field study. In addition, students performed measurements of various soil parameters such as acidity, alkalinity, and electrical conductivity in both the field site and the laboratory. They also studied how plant growth and health are related to soil quality. This out-of-classroom experience not only helped students learn practical soil analysis skills but also enabled them to apply theory into practice.


Students are using their four senses to experience the environment of a farm site. 學生正利用四感體驗田園實況情況。

Teacher and students are performing soil measurement on site. 老師和學生正在量度現場環境的泥土參數。

Soil sample is ready for further testing in the laboratory. 土壤樣本已準備好,等待進一步在實驗室進行測試。

Students are conducting soil quality analysis in CIE laboratory. 學生正在 CIE 實驗室進行土壤品質分析。