Embracing the blend of education and conservation, Geography and Resources Management (GRMG) students immersed themselves in the mangrove ecosystem and beach at Ting Kok, Tai Po. The field trip activities were designed to foster a deep connection with the coastal ecosystem through experiential engagement, ecological monitoring and hands-on conservation skills, under the guidance of course lecturer Dr Michelle Cheung.

Site briefing by Dr. Michelle Cheung 張瑪珊博士進行現場介紹。
Students are using quadrat to quantify the organisms on the shore. 學生們正在使用樣方對海岸上的生物進行量化。

In this field trip, students explored the unique mangrove environment and its importance to coastal protection and biodiversity. Following the ecological exploration, students were divided in groups to conduct a marine litter survey and undertake a beach clean-up service to help them understand the human impact on these natural areas. Students learnt about the threats faced by the marine environment due to pollution and contributed to the preservation of the wetland habitat.

Aegiceras corniculatum 桐花樹
Buddhist crab (Tmethypocoelis ceratophora) 角眼拜佛蟹
Palaemon sp. 長臂蝦

The field experience provided students with practical skills in ecological monitoring. By combining theoretical knowledge with fieldwork, GRMG students gained a holistic understanding of the importance and functions of mangroves and the actions needed to protect our precious coastal environments.

學生們正在進行海岸清潔活動,以保護濕地生態系統。 Students are doing marine clean-up to protect the wetland ecosystems.

將教育與保育融為一體,地理及資源管理專修同學在大埔汀角的紅樹林生態系統和海灘進行體驗式學習活動。 當日的活動旨在透過體驗學習、生態監察和實踐保育,在課程講師張瑪珊博士的指導下,建立與沿海生態系統的聯繫。

在這次實地考察中,學生們探索了獨特的紅樹林環境及其對海岸保護和生物多樣性的重要性。 在生態探索之後,同學進行了海洋垃圾調查和海岸清潔活動,以幫助他們了解人類對這些自然地區的影響。學生們認識了污染對海洋環境構成的威脅,並為濕地棲息地的保護做出了貢獻。

課外實習經驗為學生提供了生態監測的實習機會。 透過將理論與戶外考察結合,增進學生對紅樹林重要性及如何保育珍貴的海岸生境的了解。