The debate on Hong Kong's future pension scheme is burning hot recently. To provide students with an opportunity to understand thoroughly this controversial issue and raise their awareness to Hong Kong social and public policies, the Division of Social Sciences of CIE organized a forum on the universal pension schemes on 3 March 2016. CIE was honoured to have Dr. Fernando Cheung, legislator of HKSAR, Mr. Franklin Lam, founder of HKGolden50, and Ms. Rita Lam, vice-chairperson of Association for the Promotion of Elderly Rights, attend the forum and share their opinions with the participants.

Around 130 students from several secondary schools and from CIE attended this forum. Mr. Franklin Lam supported the government proposed the “those with financial need” approach since “saving” resources can be re-allocated to other relevant social policies, such as medical and elderly services. Dr. Fernando Cheung believed that the proposal raised by Professor Nelson Chow is financially sustainable and it can provide the ageing people with a sense of security, thereby facilitating the harmonious of our society. Ms. Rita Lam commented that the universal pension scheme should stick on the concept of retirement protection but not alleviating poverty, therefore setting the asset limit is completed inappropriate. The discussion among guest speakers is inspiring and able to grasp the attention of every single student inside the lecture theatre.