Will you delete our painful past? 你會 delete 過去嗎? Or even filter out all future pain? 甚至 delete 未來嘅苦? In our course FILM AND MORAL PHILOSOPHY, we’ll look at philosopher Robert Nozick’s thought experiment “the experience machine” 經驗機器 and discuss why or why not.

(Picture above: The Matrix [22世紀殺人網絡, 1999); picture below: Total Recall [宇宙威龍, 1990, 2012.)

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This course introduces moral philosophy through the contextualization that world cinema offers. Students will acquire basic knowledge of philosophical traditions, namely utilitarianism and Kantian deontology, which will enable them to engage in constructive dialogues with the world concerning everyday moral dilemmas embedded in narratives on screen. Film is an ideal medium for students to be initiated into moral philosophy and to learn to weed out cultural prejudices so that they can approach ethical issues objectively together with people from different cultures in the present state of globalization. Through such interdisciplinary training in moral philosophy and film appreciation, students will gain fresh perspectives and new depths in tackling the perennial question of the meaning of life.