Geography and Resources Management (GRMG) students attended an experiential day camp organised by the Kadoorie Institute of the University of Hong Kong in Lai Chi Wo in June. The day camp offered the GRMG students an unforgettable learning experience as they could learn outside the classroom through learning how to preserve natural resources and traditional cultures in a sustainable way.

The students joined a boat trip with Geo-tour of Northeast New Territories. They observed the coastal landforms, as well as the geology and rocks along Tolo Channel, Bluff Head and Double Haven in the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark.

In Lai Chi Wo, which is located at the northeastern New Territories of Hong Kong, students witnessed the rich natural resources in the diverse ecosystems, including mangrove habitats, fung shui woods, and some old and valuable trees. Moreover, they discovered the traditional cultures of Lai Chi Wo village, which has a history of about 400 years, and is one of the most well-established Hakka walled villages in Northeast New Territories. Students enjoyed the Hakka-style meals prepared by the villagers. They visited the organic farm and participated in some farming works which helped them understand more about the revitalisation programme there.

This day camp has broadened the students’ knowledge in local conservation and sustainable development. They learned to respect the natural and cultural heritage, and understand how to sustain the natural resources in a rapid developing city like Hong Kong.

GRMG students enjoyed the traditional Hakka-style meals prepared by local villagers.




A tour was arranged by a local indigenous villager who vividly talked about the history and traditional cultures of Lai Chi Wo Village.