The Geographic Information System (GIS) training workshop was conducted by the Esri China Hong Kong Limited for GRMG students.  The workshop helped students understand the basic functions of ArcGIS software, learned the basic skills in spatial analysis and solve problems by querying and analyzing geographic data in the real world setting.  GRMG students were impressed by the ArcGIS software’s easy-to-use approach and its wide applications in environmental and natural resources management.

Vincent Choi, a Year 1 GRMG student, said, “This is my first time to experience the use of GIS software. It is a great and interesting training course for me. The trainers are GIS specialists who are professional and knowledgeable in GIS and they teach us in a clear and easily understandable way. I believe the basic GIS skills that I have acquired would benefit my future career development as well. I would like to join the advanced GIS course in the coming future.”

Ginny Lee, another Year 1 GRMG student, stated, “The GIS training workshop is useful as it enriches my knowledge about GIS and its application in the real world setting. GIS benefits geographic research and policy making. The basic GIS skills are helpful for my further study and career development in the GIS related field.  It is a worthy experience for me.”