Ten NUFM students and their lecturer, Dr. Joanne Fung were invited by Foodie Group Limited to join the conference “2019 Food’s Future Submit” at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Admiralty. The goal of the conference was to inspire and make change within the world of food. In this conference, students joined in different talks, panels, showcases and meals. The conference gathered change-makers, experts and conscious consumers to share their views on food innovations, issues in the culinary and food technology ecosystems.

Students received new insights from various speakers on the topics “How to be the Next Big Food Disruptor”, “Artificially Intelligent Food”, and “Blockchain in our Food Chain”. They also got a chance to taste the man-made meat burgers which were 100% plant origin. Students were initiated to explore the possibility of using plant based alternatives to dairy, meat and seafood.  This conference provided a very good platform for students to gain new trends and networks in the global food market.

Students participated various discussion forums about food innovation and technology.

Students tried the man-made meat burgers in the conference lunch session.