The Division of Business organised a field trip to World Wide Fund-Hong Kong (WWF-Hong Kong) for a group of students studying “Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities”. The students also joined the “Earth Hour Youth Ambassador Programme” to learn more about how conservational organisations in Hong Kong are committed to promoting environmental protection and green sustainable development.

“The field trip has helped us understand the current development of renewable energy usage in Hong Kong. It is a good reminder for every one of us living in Hong Kong to do more for our environment.”

-Luke Mai Ruibin (Marketing, Year 1).

Students will set up a booth to promote Earth Hour 2017 at Shek Mun Campus on 20 March. They will also participate in the tram parade on 25 March, according to Dr. Angel Lai, Lecturer of Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities.

Ms. Stephanie Chan, Programme Development Officer of WWF-Hong Kong facilitated the students to appreciate the natural environment, and explore the connection between nature and human.