Year 2 Marketing students who took the Management Information Systems for Marketing and E-Commerce course help the founder of Elite Thai Boxing and Fitness, Ms. Anne Chen and her team build the digital platform and social enterprise network.

They aim to empower the underprivileged youngsters and youth-at-risk to find their path in life when using her digital platform.

Dr. Erica Lee, Lecturer was of help in soliciting the project that presented this experiential learning opportunity for students. She shared that CIE students, other university students, and the professionals are all working together to design the application interface and build the model or prototype of the user interface. After students completed their group project, Anne expressed that she was impressed with the motivation, creativity, team spirit, commitment and sense of responsibility of the BU team. She even recruited the team leader, Marco Leung Man Ho, as her full time staff now, she hopes to be able to also recruit Adrian Leung Ho Kwan once she obtains additional funding. Marco and Adrian were glad to have joined the project team and said that  they've gained some valuable hands-on experience and expanded their horizons.

Students discussed the user interface design in the meeting