Hong Kong is a multicultural community where inclusiveness and mutual respect among different races is embraced. To enhance the understanding of Hong Kong’s multicultural features and the unique cultures of different ethnic groups living in Hong Kong, the College organised a tour for a group of 25 students from Social and Public Policy Studies to visit a neighbourhood of South Asians in Kwai Chung on 15 October.

The tour started at Kung Yung Koon (共融館) where an exhibition of South Asian immigration history and their cultures was being held. Mr. Minhas Rashad, a Pakistani working at Kung Yung Koon, taught students how to greet Muslims in Arabic and then guided them to visit a nearby grocery store where sells Halal food and daily necessities for South Asians in the district. When enjoying the lively dialogues with Mr. Rashad, students also had a chance to taste Halal food and drinks. In this intercultural learning opportunity outside classroom, students were able to see, to learn, to speak, and to taste the cultures of South Asians in Hong Kong in a real-life context.

Mr. Minhas Rashad from Kung Yung Koon (共融館) shared the migration history and cultures of South Asians living in Hong Kong.

Students had the opportunity to taste Halal food and drinks as part of their intercultural learning.