Preserving disappearing traditional crafts 留住消失中的工藝

Bringing traditional crafts into the modern day 思考如何升級轉型

“Producing short films was only one of the means. This assignment also
required students to apply marketing theories to the design of different
workshops, which aim at exploring ways to upgrade and transform traditional handicrafts. For example, through workshops where craftsmen teach participants how to carve wooden smartphone cases, they hope to attract interested parties to inherit and pass on the skills.” Lecturer of the School of Communication Mr Lennon Tsang, who led students to take part in the project, says all the participants were highly committed to making the project a success. In fact, their works were highly commended by Eldage, and the then Under Secretary for Home Affairs Ms Florence Hui, who happened upon this meaningful collaborative project, wrote a newspaper article on it.

手作,例如雕刻木製手機殼,吸引對手工藝有興 趣