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Associate Degree

Multiple Pathways

CIE is providing ample articulation opportunities for students with different academic qualifications. Upon completion of our 2-year Associate Degree Programme, graduates can further their studies in various degree and postgraduate programmes. The College is offering a wide variety of services and activities, such as articulation talks and interview workshops to help students make informed choices on studies and career in the face of the ever-changing society.


(22222 or above)
FTAS : "33222" or above
Diploma of College Foundation Studies (SCE, HKBU)
Diploma Yi Jin / Diploma of Applied Education (SCE, HKBU)
Other QF Level 3 Qualifications
International Qualifications
JEE (Gaokao)
Advance to
Years 1 & 2
Associate Degree Programme

Articulation Rate

Graduate Survey for HKBU Associate Degree Programme

88.5% Further Study to Undergraduate Programmes

88.8% Further Study to Undergraduate Programmes
88.8% Further Study to Undergraduate Programmes
90.7% Further Study to Undergraduate Programmes 90.7% Further Study to Undergraduate Programmes

Four-year Through-train Admissions Scheme (FTAS)

The Scheme aims to provide a direct “2+2” articulation pathway for eligible applicants. Applicants who have fulfilled the admission requirements may be given offers to both HKBU Associate Degree Programme (AD) and Self-funded Undergraduate Programme (SF-UG) upon admission. Under this Scheme, AD students would be articulated to an SF-UG Programme offered by HKBU upon successful completion of the 2-year AD Programme without any additional application procedure, and awarded an HKBU Honours Degree in 4 years.

Articulation Opportunities at HKBU


After completing the two-year AD Programme, students can take the “2+2” study mode to seamlessly articulate to the last two years of the Self-funded Undergraduate Programmes to obtain an HKBU honours degree in four years. The Generic Content units of the AD Programme are fully recognised by HKBU. Students do not have to re-take any Generic Content Courses when they are studying in the Self-funded Undergraduate Programmes.

Clickhereto learn more about our Self-funded Undergraduate Programmes.

Articulation to Local Universities


In the 2023/24 academic year, there are a total of 5,000 Senior Year Places (Year 3) at different full-time UGC-funded Undergraduate Programmes across the eight UGC-funded local universities. AD graduates can articulate to the Senior Year Places through the Non-JUPAS scheme and will be able to obtain a bachelor’s degree granted by the eight UGC-funded local universities in 4 years, equivalent to the study period required by the JUPAS route to UGC-funded Programmes after DSE


Associate Degree graduates can apply undergraduate programmes offered by local universities and other institutions in areas related to their areas of Concentration Studies. Click here for the articulation track record of our graduates in areas of Concentration Studies.

Study Abroad

HKBU AD graduates can articulate to overseas programmes in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States to complete their undergraduate degrees.



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