Meeting the admission requirements for Four-year Through-train Admissions Scheme:


Level 3 or above in both Chinese Language and English Language; AND
Level 2 or above in Mathematics and one Elective subject; AND
Level 2 or above in Liberal Studies (or Attained in Citizenship and Social Development)

JEE (Gaokao)

Scores meeting the first-tier of the respective province and recognised English Language qualifications

IB Diploma

IB Diploma with a score of 24 or above and recognised English Language qualifications

International Qualifications

12-year pre-university schooling with satisfactory results of national or public examinations (GCE-AL, SAT, IB etc.) and recognised English Language qualifications

Selection Criteria

Applicants must

  • be admitted to the HKBU AD Programme;
  • meet the admission requirements for HKBU SF-UG programmes stated above; and
  • undergo the FTAS selection and/or interview process conducted by the respective SF-UG programme (if any).

FTAS Offers

Successful applicants will obtain a "Conditional 4-year Admission OfferΔ" for admission to HKBU SF-UG Programme when they are admitted to our AD Programme. Students graduating with a satisfactory cGPA* can obtain an Honours Degree awarded by HKBU in 4 years.

  • Δ Admission to an SF-UG Programme will be subject to availability of the Programme intake quota and selection and/ or interview process by the respective Programme.

Extended FTAS #

The extended FTAS is to grant students who do not get the FTAS offers upon admissions another chance for the FTAS offers after admissions. Students meeting the following conditions may also get the Extended FTAS conditional offers#.

  • Obtain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.8 or above in the First Semester; or a cumulative grade point average (cGPA*) of 2.5 or above in the Second Semester; and

  • Undergo the selection and/or interview process conducted by the respective programme (if any).

  • #Extended FTAS offers to MMT (Mainland, Macau and Taiwan) applicants will be subject to the availability of the admission quota as stipulated in the prevailing policy of the Education Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  • *cGPA is unweighted cumulative average calculated for all subjects taken and the highest cGPA is 4.0.

Articulation Pathway to an HKBU Honours Degree

HKBU Self-funded Undergraduate Degree

Applicants are required to choose their preferred SF-UG programme upon admission and will be given a chance to change their selected SF-UG Programme in the third semester of their AD studies. Students may have to take make-up courses upon admission to the chosen SF-UG Programme.

  • Applicants may be required to undergo a selection interview (if any).
  • ¥ Applicants should be competent in reading and writing Chinese, and able to communicate in Cantonese.
  • µ Applicable to local applicants only.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can students benefit from the Four-year Through-train Admissions Scheme (FTAS)?
    Under this Scheme, AD students would be given a conditional offer for their chosen HKBU SF-UG Programme upon admission, and awarded an HKBU Honours Degree in 4 years, without any additional application procedure. They can also choose to change to another SF-UG programme during their AD study if their academic interest has changed. This Scheme allows secondary school leavers who are still not sure about their academic interests the greatest flexibility in their study path.
  2. Can I still articulate to other UGC-funded Undergraduate Programmes after obtaining an offer from this Scheme?
    Yes! Our AD students can still apply for UGC-funded Undergraduate Programmes via the non-JUPAS route, even when they have an FTAS offer. According to 2023 graduate survey, about half of our AD graduates who continued to study obtained at least one UGC offer.
  3. What are the selection procedures for the FTAS?
    Eligible applicants meeting the selection criteria are granted the FTAS conditional offers directly for articulation to their chosen HKBU SF-UG Programme. No additional application process is required.

    Selection processes, if required, will be conducted in the third semester of the AD studies.
  4. When will applicants be notified of the admission result?
    Eligible applicants will receive the letters of acceptance for both AD and SF-UG Programmes on the same day if they have fulfilled the selection criteria of the Scheme (non-local students, due to the limitation of the admission quota, will first receive the letter of acceptance of AD Programme, and then the letter of acceptance of SF-UG programme in September).
  5. Is there any pre-requisite for AD graduates to move on to their chosen SF-UG Programme?
    AD students with the FTAS offer must obtain a cGPA* of 2.5 or above upon AD graduation to progress to their chosen SF-UG Programme. Students may have to take supplementary courses in Years 3 and 4 if they have chosen an SF-UG programme with little relevance to their AD Concentration Studies. An interview or a selection process may be required for admission to any highly popular programmes.

    *cGPA is unweighted cumulative average calculated for all subjects taken and the highest cGPA is 4.0.
  6. Compared with other articulation paths, what are the advantages for the direct articulation to HKBU SF-UG Programme?
    As CIE’s General Education (GE) units are recognised by HKBU, our AD graduates are exempted from taking all university core as well as Levels 1 and 2 GE courses when they progress to their HKBU undergraduate studies. Besides, students do not have to adapt to a new learning culture and study environment, which enables them to focus on their learning.