Dr. Sidney Chan has brought together students from KIMEP University, Kazakhstan, and CIE students from Cultural Studies (CULS) and Professional Communication and English Studies (PENG) at a half-day seminar. This virtual seminar (via Zoom) aims to provide an international platform for students to apply the concepts and materials being taught in class, discuss work, and exchange ideas beyond the classroom. It gives students an opportunity to gain experience speaking publicly and translating their knowledge to a broader audience from different cultures.

Seminar Theme: Language and Culture in Media 

The synchronization of audio and visual images launched talking pictures which attempt to provide the viewers a near factual account of the way the world is. When issues, places, and people are mediated in films or any media texts, the selection of words and images re-produces and re-presents a version of “reality”. Language and culture in media texts are generally perceived as the function of representing shared values, attitudes, beliefs, and practices that characterize a social group, organization, or institution. The process often involves choices of what signs are to be selected and welded together to create meaning about the object or idea. The resultant text disseminates a message about those representing as well as those being represented. The seminar aims to bring students together to exchange thoughts on how meanings are created in movies and media which offer viewers an access to unfamiliar cultures when media output is often considered as a site for the generation of meaning value: what media output says and how it says it, and what meanings it has for us as individuals and social beings.

To get the Zoom link, please email ciethisandthat@gmail.com