During 2019 summer, the Geography and Resources Management (GRMG) Society “Abcde” organized a guided tour to Ma Shi Chau Geopark for students who are interested in geology, culture, history and ecology.  The tour was led by an experienced geopark tour guide associated with the Environmental Association.  The tour provided an invaluable opportunity for GRMG students to enrich their geo-experience locally.


Ma Shi Chau has been listed as a Site of Special Science Interest (SSSI) since 1982 and as a Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark since 1999 because of its spectacular geological features and landforms.  The area has the second oldest sedimentary rocks in Hong Kong which were formed about 250 million years ago during the Permian Period.  Different physical, chemical and biological erosions, and the faulting and folding caused by the earth movement, have created many special geological features like the tombolo and the differential erosion in Ma Shi Chau.

Permian sedimentary rocks are found on the shore of Ma Shi Chau.


GRMG students took a group photo in front of the colorful mudstone.



During the guided tour, GRMG students were amazed by the scenic views of Ma Shi Chau. In particular, students were stunned by the power of nature in shaping the special geological features and landforms there.  As these landforms were formed over millions of years and compared to a human lifetime, humans are really small and insignificant.  However, in our short lifetime, humans have already "done a great job" in polluting the environment.  During the tour, we saw that there were lots of garbage especially the plastic wastes being dumped on the shore.  These garbage may contain harmful pollutants which can pose environmental and health impacts.  As the global citizens, we have to protect the natural environment so that our future generations can enjoy the natural heritage treasures and scenic beauty that make Hong Kong such a special place today.

Fortunately, we are pleased to know that the staff of Environmental Association have been working relentlessly to engage the Sam Mun Tsai villagers and educate them as well as the general public about the importance of conserving the local culture and natural environment in Ma Shi Chau.  We really appreciate their hard work and dedication in protecting our environment.

Garbage and plastic wastes were dumped on the shore of Ma Shi Chau.

Every unique landform is a miracle created by our nature, and we have to treasure and cherish our natural heritage so that our offsprings can see what we saw in Ma Shi Chau.  As we are the young generation of Hong Kong, we are committed to preserve and disseminate knowledge and educate other people about the specialness and uniqueness of Ma Shi Chau and why it deserves our best protection.


(Special thanks to Kazl Yip (President of GRMG Society), Celia Leung and Cherry Lo (Vice-Presidents of GRMG Society) for arranging the Ma Shi Chau guided tour and preparing the above reflection.)