About ELS Hours

The ELS Hours gives students the opportunity to receive personalized assistance that addresses their specific language needs. Appointments can be made with any lecturer from the English Team. Each consultation with a lecturer lasts for 50 minutes and students can seek extra help in English with anything ranging from speaking to corrective feedback or any other input on various areas of English learning. Lecturers in the CIE English Team are all highly experienced and privileged with very different backgrounds and training.

Essential Skills

Whether you have an interest in literary works or long-reads or you wish to improve on cursory reading, seeking help through ELS Hours can enable you to read with greater efficiency and effectiveness by practicing a range of different reading skills.

Lecturers can offer consultations on how to improve overall writing by providing generic corrective feedback on a variety of academic writing styles.

If you can’t say, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers” twice in a row without hesitation, you might want to use the ELS Hours for some chit chat or just chill-out with your English lecturer. Enhancing your oral English proficiency boosts self-confidence too.

Non-credit Bearing Course

If 50 minutes of ELS Hours is not enough for you, check this out and enrol on CIE’s Enrichment Courses for more English Support.

IELTS Preparation Course

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), is a globally recognized test that students may need to take if they wish to further their education in English-speaking countries. Many employers also consider the test a reliable indicator of a student's level of English proficiency when they make employment decisions.

CIE offers two IELTS preparatory courses in each semester. Module I focuses on reading and speaking tests, and Module II focuses on writing and listening papers. Students can enrol in one or both modules.

CIE IELTS Preparation Course & Sponsorship Fund

The two IELTS preparatory courses provide students with comprehensive training in reading, speaking, writing, and listening. Our experienced instructors will help students extend their knowledge of English and master examination techniques. Upon completion of the course(s), most students will find themselves better equipped in taking the test (Academic Module). Students who obtain a band score of 6.5 or above in IELTS are eligible to apply for the CIE IELTS Sponsorship Fund for the test fee.