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Co-founder of shares the career prospects in crypto industry

17 Oct, 2022

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the hot topics in recent years. Most people have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and some may have even invested in the related products. However, many of them do not really understand the details of these new technologies. The Division of Applied Science was pleased to have invited Mr. Angus Lo, Co-founder of, and Mr. Joe Chan, Recruitment Officer of to speak on the background and working principles of cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as the career opportunities in the crypto industry in their latest career talk. is Asia’s largest cryptocurrency platform which popularises the development and application of cryptocurrency. During the talk, Mr. Angus Lo shared how Bitcoin was first created and illustrated the advantages of using cryptocurrency over the traditional payment methods. He said that there were about a quarter of the world population who did not have access to the bank services. Using cryptocurrency would be one of the solutions to solve their financial needs. On the other hand, blockchain, as the core technology of cryptocurrency, had a wide range of applications. Many multinational corporations such as Google, Morgan Stanley, and Samsung, have been working on multiple projects related to blockchain.

Mr. Joe Chan further shared with students that the crypto industry required a lot of different talents. Apart from technology specialists, there were plenty of career opportunities in the crypto industry. They also needed various positions such as Quantitative Analyst, Management Trainee, Junior Programmer and Digital Marketing Associate.