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Ikebana experts promotes Japanese art of flower arrangement at CIE

31 Oct, 2016

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. At first glance, it looks deceptively simple. However, a closer inspection and study unveils a deep-seated philosophy in aesthetic. Revealed in the geometric harmony of the stalks, flowers and buds, they are meant to represent Heaven (天), the Earth (地)and Man(人). As part of the Campus Internationalisation programme, the College invited Ikebana International Hong Kong Chapter to arrange an Ikebana workshop the first time this month.

After a brief lecture on its principles, CIE students along with the  exchange students from Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore) were given a hands-on training from experienced Ikebana practitioners who shared the science and philosophy behind the art of Japanese flower arrangement. 

Dr. Stephen Cartwright, Lecturer and Vice-Chairman of CIE Internationalisation Committee expressed his gratitude to the Japanese Consulate and the Ikebana International Hong Kong Chapter for providing such a wonderful opportunity for students to learn and appreciate the Japanese culture through this Ikebana workshop.