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Charity Sale of the CIE Marketers Competition

11 Mar, 2014
Promotion booth hosted by the finalists.

The CIE Marketers Competition (CIEMC) co-organized by the Division of Business and Hung Fook Tong kicked off with a pre-launch promotion week, the highlight of which was a charity sale arranged by the Organizing Committee at Shek Mun Campus and Kowloon Tong Campus.

With the support from the partner organization – Hung Fook Tong, 864 bottles of healthy drinks were sold, raising HK$4,377 for Senior Citizen Home Safety Association.

The promotion week aimed to provide the contestants a practical sales and marketing experience in a real-life setting. The three teams of finalists, namely CAPTAIN 5, 5cm and Hung Fook Bag, were invited to set up their own booth in Shek Mun Campus for promotion in February. The promotion booths had attracted a total of 760 voters to vote for the best marketing plan.

The final competition will be held on 13 Mar 2014 (Thursday) at 4:30 pm at DLB 418, Kowloon Tong Campus. All students and staff are welcome to join.

The charity sale was well supported by students and staff.