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Students and Faculty from Thammasat University Visiting CIE for Academic Exchange

02 Mar, 2017

A delegation of 50 students and faculty members from Thammasat University in Thailand visited the College of International Education, HKBU with the aim of academic exchange with CIE International Ambassadors. The event, jointly organised by the Internationalisation Committee and Dr. Michael Kam, began with an opening presentation on “Hong Kong and China Relations: Past and Present” by Dr. Kam. We were also delighted to have Dr. Sustarum Thammaboosadee from Thammasat University give us a talk on “The Transformation of Political Institutions in Thailand after the 2016 Referendum”.

The event provided an opportunity for students to examine multi-layered problems of the issues that were rarely comprehensively discussed outside the classroom. After the talks, students were separated into groups, led by CIE’s International Ambassadors, to discuss the greater implications of the issues and what they could learn from each other’s experience. Through the exchange, students from the two institutions gained insight into the discussed issues and the differences between the Hong Kong and Thai political systems.