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CIE Investment Club organizes the First Investment Plan Competition

08 Apr, 2014
The Champion team selected Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co. Limited (579) based on the national policy and the background of its major shareholder.

The CIE Investment Club organized its first Investment Plan Competition this year. At the final competition held on March 20, a team of six Associate Degree students from Wealth Management and Tourism and Hospitality Management selected Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co. Limited (579) won the championship.

The objective of the competition was to enhance students’ interest, knowledge and skills in investment. The criteria of the competition were that participants had to select and present a Hong Kong listed share with a potential return of 20% or higher for the period from Feb 4 to Dec 31, 2014.

The adjudicators of competition included Mr. Michael Hung, Chief Marketing Officer of I-Access Group, Mr. Christopher Wee, Head of Operations of I-Access Group and Dr. Gordon Wong, Division Leader, Business Division of the College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University.

The adjudicators were impressed by the overall performance of the finalists at the presentations and had given praises to the champion who had presented Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co. Limited (579) as the case with very comprehensive thoughts on both the fundamental and technical aspects.

Established in September 2012, the CIE Investment Club aims to promote and enhance the knowledge and planning of investment among CIE students through three main channels including investment talk (i-talk), investment game (i-fun) and investment planning competition (i-plan).

The adjudicators, Mr. Michael Hung (left), Dr. Gordon Wong (middle) and Mr. Christopher Wee (right) were impressed by the professional performance of the finalists.
The Investment Plan Competition aims to enhance student’s interest, knowledge and skills in investment.