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CIE Green Ambassadors organize Eco Tour to the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change

03 Jun, 2014
Students gained wide exposure to the green initiatives through the two Eco Tours to the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change at CUHK campus.

Organized by CIE Green Ambassadors, an Eco Tour to the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) was held on 22 March and 29 March.

This is the first outing of its kind organized by the CIE Green Ambassadors. Cheng Tat Fung, Calvin was thankful for having such a learning opportunity to organize the event for his fellow students. “It is eye-opening to see the advanced and innovative environmental-friendly facilities, such as the energy saving devices and the “Yard for Environmental Sustainability” (再生園) at the CUHK campus. Now, I’ve learned more about the causes and impact of climate change after joining the tour,” Calvin said.


CIE Green Ambassador Scheme 2014was newly launched in March with a membership of 60 students from various Concentration Studies. The scheme aims to raise the public awareness on environmental protection and conservation issues and promote sustainable living and development. Through involving students to initiate and lead the activities, it helps to strengthen their communication, organizational and leadership skills, at the same time enhance their sense of belonging to CIE and gain their support to CIE’s “Go Green” initiatives.

Students were curious about the “Yard for Environmental Sustainability” (再生園) in the CUHK campus. They were visiting a hut set up for book collection and recirculation.