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Ukraine student on campus

18 Apr, 2018

The College of International Education (CIE) opens the door to students from all around the world to pursue quality higher education. With great passion in art and graphic design, Angelika Timoshyna from Ukraine started a vibrant journey to study at CIE in last September.

After finishing high school in Ukraine, Angelika moved to the mainland China with her family. To pursue her aspiration to become a designer, she decided to further her study in Hong Kong and studied the Associate Degree programme at CIE.

As a newcomer to Hong Kong, she has come across many challenges. The language barrier is the first hurdle she had to surmount and she did with positivity. With the help of her lecturers and classmates, she quickly adapted to the new environment and developed friendship.  

Ms. Iris Chan, Lecturer of Creative Digital Media Design, was happy to have Angelika in her class this year. Ms. Chan observed that Angelika has a strong interest in local design and artwork. Angelika is endowed with a special artistic vision and her use of colour is bold and creative.  Ms. Chan appreciated Angelika’s openness the most as she never shies away from sharing her views and her enthusiasm has energized discussions in class. 

Angelika said that she enjoyed her college life with friends. She hangs out with her classmates after school and sometimes tries different kinds of local food such as fish ball noodle soup and egg tart. Angelika finds that there is a big difference between Hong Kong and Ukrainian cuisine. In her home country, cheese is the staple – it is added into most of the food including pancakes and Varényky (Ukrainian traditional dumpling). They would even add cheese into yoghurt drink.

Angelika has a very clear goal of becoming a designer in the future and planned to continue her university study in Hong Kong or Australia after completing her Associate Degree. Right now, she is serving as “International Ambassador” to meet with students and guests from different backgrounds and that allows her to learn more about the culture of Hong Kong and knowledge of global affairs.