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192 HKBU Students Awarded Scholarships Under Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme

17 Apr, 2013
HKBU student representatives attended the Joint Scholarship Presentation Ceremony under Self-financing Post-Secondary Scholarship Scheme 2013

A total of 192 students from HKBU Associate Degree programme and Self-funded Undergraduate programme received HK$3.74 million in scholarships and awards under the Self-financing Post-Secondary Scholarship Scheme (SPSS) of the Education Bureau.
31 representatives accompanied by Dr Sam Lau, Director and Dr Alex Ng, Associate Head of College of International Education attended the Joint Scholarship Presentation Ceremony held on 11 April at the Conference Hall, Central Government Offices.
Chow Tsz Ho (Year 3 student of Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music Studies), awardee of Talent Development Scholarship, was selected to share his study path and learning experience with the media. Tsz Ho expressed that he would like to become a professional orchestral violinist and contribute to the society by forming a youth orchestra for the children from low-income families. He also shared his winding road in study, hoping to encourage students to go for what they want to do and never give up.
Out of 192 HKBU students, 80 students received the Outstanding Performance Scholarship, 22 students received the Best Progress Award. There are two newly established scholarship and award: the Talent Development Scholarship and the Reaching Out Award. 29 students and 61 students received the scholarship and award respectively.
For bachelor’s degree students, the Outstanding Performance Scholarship for local and non-local students are $40,000 and $80,000 each respectively. For sub-degree students, the scholarship is $30,000 each for local and non-local students. The Best Progress Award, the Talent Development Scholarship and the Reaching Out Award are set at $10,000 for both bachelor’s degree and sub-degree students.

Dr Sam Lau, Director of CIE, Dr Alex Ng, Associate Head of CIE and Ms Amelia Lee, Head of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, showed their support by attending the ceremony.