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The 6th i-Plan Competition - Ever Advancing Technology

03 May, 2019

Technology advances every day. It not only enhances communication among human being, but also changes our life style to be more efficient and more dynamic.  This year, Ever Advancing Technology was chosen as the theme of 6th i-Plan Competition with more than 140 audiences attended the grand final competition held in March at Shek Mun campus.  

Ms. Joanne Siu, ETF Sales Director, Samsung Asset Management (HK) Limited and Mr. Benny Leung, Chief Consultant of ET Net Limited and ET Trade Limited were the adjudicators and sponsors of this year’s competition. 

After rounds of keen competition, the Champion went to a team of Financial Management Year 1 students, who selected China Mobile (HKEx code: 941) for review and analysis.  Despite there were uncertainties about the prospect of a Chinese 5G network equipment manufacturer, the Champion team expected China Mobile’s share price would have more than 20%   growth in the coming 12 months, primarily attributed to the strong governmental support extended to the industry and the booming 5G concept inside China.  

The adjudicators highly commended the performance of the contestants and agreed that the 5G concepts would be a catalyst for China Mobile as well as China Tower (HKEx code: 788). China Tower was analysed by the First Runner-Up team.

To join the i-Plan Competition, all contestants were required to attend a 3-hour training lecture and to write an in-depth investment proposal to identify a share with 20% potential capital gain in coming year.  Intensive training was arranged for the selected teams  which was highly appreciated by the contestants. 

The Champion team expressed appreciation to the College for organisng the competition which was considered useful  for their study and real-life investment analysis. Audiences have also enhanced their investment knowledge through the contesting teams’ presentations and sharing of market trends by adjudicators.