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Students from Division of Business win awards at JACP

21 May, 2019

A team of 9 Associate Degree students taking Business Administration and Marketing Concentration Studies achieved remarkable results at the Junior Achievement Company Programme (JACP) 2018/19. The team named ‘LiquiFly’ competed against 74 school teams and won three awards namely Best Presentation Award, Best Team Award, and Digital Marketing Award.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is the main theme of the Programme this year. Aiming at raising people’s awareness of environmental protection, LiquiFly created an environmental-friendly bottle set which includes a smart thermos flask, a stainless-steel straw and a cleaning brush. The smart design of the thermos flask is characterised by a cover built in with a LED screen displaying the temperature of the water.  The bottle set is nicely packaged creating an environmental-friendly life style of bring your own utensil for dining. 

Having engaged in setting up LiquiFly for almost half a year, Miss April Lai, CEO of LiquiFly found the competition challenging and meaningful. She said: "We faced a challenge of limited manpower support and stringent timeline.  All members had to perform at least two functional roles simultaneously. Although the process was tough, we complemented each other and learnt that unity and communication are most important especially when you are working at a small company.  I am very grateful for the guidance of the advisor and lecturers given to us through this fruitful journey "

In partnership with the business and education communities, Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JAHK) encourages young people to participate in a range of activity-based education programmes. Students are encouraged to join JACP to gain valuable chance to apply the knowledge they have learnt from lessons.  Students not only gain a chance to operate a company, but also experience how to run it with success.