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Mind Brew proudly presents

15 Oct, 2019

Mind Brew, the Student Society of Bilingual Language and Literature Studies and Professional Communication and English Studies, was recently formed in September. Mind Brew aims to enhance students' interest in English and acts as a bridge between the College and the students. With a vision to broaden members' cultural perspectives and to promote English language and literature, Mind Brew is prepared to organise an exciting range of activities for its members.
Just in September, a welcome party was held to meet and greet the freshmen and sophomores from the Division of Arts and Languages to unwind them from stress in the back-to-school season. Mind Brew kicked off the party with fun and icebreaker games, followed by pizza bites, fizzy drinks and friendly chit-chats.

To carry on with the fun, Mind Brew is now preparing to throw a Halloween party on October 31. More upcoming activities for this semester include the art and cultural tour and Hong Kong International Literary Festival in November.