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Internationalisation at Home

28 Apr, 2021

Although Covid-19 made international travel difficult, CIE has turned this challenge into an opportunity. This year, CIE launched the “Internationalisation at Home” programme and provided an online platform for students to meet and discuss social issues with their international peers from India and America.  A total of 427 students from five universities in Hong Kong, India and America joined the programme.  The programme is open for the participation for both CIE and SCE full-time programme students.

The programme was formally launched in February through Zoom. In the following five weeks, students exchanged video messages on Flipgrid and shared learning resources on Padlet. Participants discussed a wide range of topics and shared their views and experiences from their own social and cultural contexts. The most popular topics include Covid-19 and my life, social media influencers, environmental threats, LGBTQ rights, and Black Lives Matter. The exchange generated over 45,000 views and hundreds of responses. 

Nicky Leung, Year 3 student of BSc (Hons) in Psychology said, "The programme was surely a wonderful experience for me, where I could broaden my horizons through marvelous discussions on different topics with friendly foreign friends." Associate Degree student Puen Ouyang reported, “I can communicate with people from different countries through video recording. In this activity, I learned about their lives and their hobbies, and it’s been a worthwhile experience”. 

Parisis Aman from Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU), India, related, "I am very much grateful for the programme. It has given me a lot of knowledge about the peoples and the cultures all over the world." Nitika Devi, also from ADBU said, "It's one of the best opportunities for me as an introvert, I became five times more confident than the way I was before, and I'm happy to learn about different cultures all over the world."