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Europe in a Comic Strip Exhibition staged at CIE

20 Mar, 2023

CIE is delighted to kick-off its first collaboration with the Consulate General in Hong Kong. Coordinated by the Student Development Centre, an exhibition Europe in a Comic Strip held in France last year has been recently moved to Shek Mun Campus, displaying 13 comic strips that tell the history of the European Union and the transition of European cultures.  

Dr. Benjamin. Cheng, Associate Head (Student Affairs) of CIE said, “The purpose of hosting this exhibition is to provide students with knowledge about the achievements and visions of the European Union, deepen their understanding of European history as well as broaden their global horizons. Students may imagine the life of the Europeans at that time by observing the genres and stories described in the comic strips. Apart from learning about European history, students will be able to identify current international relations from a macro perspective”. CIE expressed its sincere gratitude to Mr. Benjamin Cabouat, Consul for Culture, Education & Science, Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau, for his tremendous support and facilitation of lining up the exhibition. The College is looking forward to exploring more collaborations with the Consulate General of France in future as a way for students to get in touch with social and cultural issues related to France and other European countries.

The Europe in a Comic Strip Exhibition is open to staff and students from 20 to 31 March at 5/F, Interactive Commons, Shek Mun Campus.