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Students and mentors of BCom (Hons) in Human Resources Management reunited face-to-face during the Annual Mentoring Ceremony 2023

15 May, 2023

The Annual Mentoring Ceremony has been the signature event of the Mentoring Course of BCom (Hons) in Human Resources Management (HRM) from which students thank mentors for their professional and passionate support in grooming them in the past year. With the theme of “Talent, Thanksgiving, and Sharing”, the Annual Mentoring Ceremony 2023 was relived in the face-to-face format! With the guidance from Dr. Catherine Ng, Acting Programme Director, and in collaboration with Hong Kong People Management Association, students of HRM successfully led and organised the ceremony. This year, a total of 15 mentors from sizable organizations and 57 student mentees attended the Ceremony. There were a lot of networking sessions, facilitating sharing of the mentoring experiences and discussion on contemporary human resources practices and career development. 

Jacky Chan, member of the Organising Committee indicated that it was an honour to organise the ceremony. He has not only engaged in the preparatory work such as the production of posters and leaflets and videos, but also the manpower allocation and administrative arrangements. For the ceremony, he was fond of the break-out sharing session. “I have learnt a lot of contemporary human resources practices from mentors such as chatGPT, which might reform the human resource role of the organisation. In this way, I can apply the skills and knowledge learnt from the courses into the real business context. Furthermore, mentors have shared with us various tips and skills of career planning.”

Another mentee, Kitty Yuen expressed that it has been a meaningful and valuable opportunity for her to meet with different mentors having solid professional human resources experience. Furthermore, her skills in communication and networking have been developed. “In the beginning, I felt nervous to chat with mentors. However, I have found that they are very friendly, supportive and keen to share their work experiences.”